Sunday, August 22, 2010

Screaming Meme's Weekend Decorating Ideas

Use books as furniture or as decor! We all have books, right? Why not use them to decorate your home!

Source: Apt Therapy


Source: Real Simple

Invest in a sofa with a modern, informal design.... toss with an odd number of throw pillows...and you have a custom looking sofa...Change out pillows for a new, fresh look! For something more traditional, do an even number of pillows!

Source: Your Cottage Decorating Hotline

Source: Mimi Charmante

Highlight your colored decor and furniture with a backdrop of white! White walls make color POP!

Source: Luxury Furniture Design

Source: Whitney Stewart

Make a reading nook on one side of your sofa! Instant coziness!

Source: Nabuzz (I believe a PB picture)

Source: Anthropologie


Kimberly said...

thanks! alot of great ideas!

Connie said...

I have books and magazines stacked all over this house, sugar! I've been doing it before it became "the thing to do" and just love that look. Hubby, not so much, but he adjusted! LOL

tammy said...

Love these finds.

Katie said...

LOve the Anthro couch!

Anonymous said...

So nice to stalk, I mean follow you! I am from Texas City over by Galveston. Thanks for the follow.

I have used a stack of hardcover books as an end table and it was a big hit.

I am now following your friends Altar'd and Pink and Polka Dot. Such great bloggers!

Kathryn Shell said...

Love your decorating with book ideas