Here are comments, testimonials, and emails I received that warmed my heart...As I get them I will add them to the list!

Meme coordinated the remodel of my kitchen, repainting my livingroom and both of my children's bedrooms and did a great job. She is a very talented and wonderful lady. ~Debbie Hadley

Meme is an amazing muralist! She painted a brick wall in my kitchen and added texture over it. She even added cracks and aged the walls to look like it had been there forever! I have guests compliment on it all the time! Thanks, Meme! Sincerely, Joan Allen
It was so nice having you come to the house today....! I loved that you were so calm and reassuring. I feel like I am on a track to a beautiful home. I have only begun exploring your blogspot and finding some fabulous color schemes to copy!! Please be flattered...you have really inspired me! I said earlier today that I would love for you to put together some paint palets for me..cancel that..can I put them together and get your opinion? ;) I felt so much more confident in my choices for our new home after you left; I think I can do this without analysing it to death! I am going to be inspired by the colors I love and make it into something beautiful by reinventing so many of the pieces I have!

Thank you again for your brilliance and peace that you have so generously shared with me...I look forward to showing you my paint choices and working with you on my kitchen cabinets!! Yeah!

Christian Yost

I am IN LOVE with my new furniture :) I keep walking by the room OVER and OVER to look at them. It's so fun! they are GORGEOUS! Really...you are so stinkin' talented. I love it. I can't even sew a button (not kidding) it is a dream of mine to learn to sew. I've always wanted to make my own throw pillows, cute little dresses for my girls, etc. I've just never learned how.
I want to "rent meme" for a day and take you shopping with me to pick out decorations and then have you come and help me implement them in my house.....you should add a 'rent meme' service to your "services" page :) I'd totally do that one-LOL! :)
Jackie K.

Sweet Meme- There are no words to explain the beauty of your heart. You are an amazing woman. A super wonderful Mom, artistic, creative, caring, loving and just the sweetest cousin I have had the honor of having in my life. Although you are my little cousin, I look up to you in awe of all the achievements that you have made in your life.

 I love that you love to the core and how your boys have grown to be fine young gentlemen. The animal lover in you is so sweet. And I love all the groovy outfits too. Simply I think your are wonderful and everyday I love you more and more. I just wanted to tell ya all that. Love you so so much... Heather